Back (left to right): Sam Gaskin, Kyle Nelson, Ben Pfeffer, Ryan Penta, Lucas Foley, Rielly Marcotte, Dan Masek Front (left to right): Zach DeMattio, Kevin Martinez, Ben Arrighi, Zack Gould, James Young

The First Launch is staffed by Journalism II students. This year’s staff consists of 12 seniors and 1 junior.

Individual Information

Ben Arrighi is a senior at North Attleboro High School. He enjoys meeting new people and learning new things. He is excited to be the role model of the school, and ready to take on the challenges that face him.

Zach DeMattio is a North Attleboro High School senior who plays football and baseball. Fun fact about him is that he has been in Mrs. Violette’s class for 3 years.

Lucas Foley is a senior at the school he is writing the paper for. He enjoys listening to music and hangin out.

Sam Gaskin is a senior at Attleboro High School who does track and field. She has had Mrs.Violette’s class three years in a row.

Zack Gould is a senior who wrestles for the school team. He has had Mrs.Violette as a teacher for three years.

Zach Hogan

Rielly Marcotte is a junior who spends her free time coaching Pop Warner Cheerleading. She enjoys reading, and wants to do more with journalism and photography in her life.

Kevin Martinez

Daniel Masek 

Kyle Nelson is a senior that enjoys pushing shopping carts in hazardous conditions.  He takes pride in his extracurricular activities as well as writing interesting articles.

Ryan Penta is a senior that enjoys journalism with Mrs. Violette and Co. He loves his job at Shaw’s and could write about his experience there every week.

Ben Pfeffer is a senior at North Attleboro High School. He is a captain of the tennis team. He writes a variety of articles with Mrs. Violette’s journalism class for all fans to read.

James Young is a senior on the North Attleboro lacrosse team.


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