Yearbook Club


Bella Erti

 Clubs are a very important part of our school whether you are aware of it or not. There are so many clubs that you are able to join if you are interested. Most people aren’t aware of the amount of work, creativity, and time that is put into it is the Yearbook Club. The Yearbook Club is a lot more than just pictures in a book. It consists of a huge group of students that share their love for photography. The yearbook has many different sections, including almost all of the things that go on around the school. Those sections are Club/Art/Music/Activities, Sports, Underclassmen Lifestyle, Seniors, Ads/Marketing/Editorial, and much more.

2019-2020 Northern Light Yearbook Editors 2
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  There are two juniors that are in charge of the Club/Art/Music/Activities section and their names are Savannah Bankert and Josie Doucette. They both play a big role in the yearbook and it wouldn’t be complete without them.

“ I chose to be a part of yearbook because I liked the idea of creating something the entire school would see, and I liked the thought of seeing how the yearbook is made as well. It’s also a nice perk that I can get into events for free if I have to take pictures of it, “ said Editor Savannah Bankert.

  They don’t have set meeting times, they all take their cameras to  events that are involved in their section of the book and they take pictures at events, sports, etc.. They later all come together and put all the pieces together in the book and see how it all turns out. 

  Junior Aidan Judge is the Yearbook Managing Editor which means he helps to make sure everyone is on track, and that no problems come about. “ I really enjoy being somewhat in charge and helping them stay on track, I really feel like a leader, said Aidan. 

 “ We could really use new people for next year, so if you enjoy taking pictures and being apart of all events come on down and join yearbook club” said NAHS Senior Kelly Yan. They are always looking for new ideas and new students to share their talents for the whole school to see. Yearbooks are a huge part of high school and it will continue to succeed for years upon years to come.

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