S.A.D.D. Club Overview


By William Yeomans

The Students Against Destructive Decisions club meets once a month to discuss modern-day problems that students face in the world every day. They talk about everything from texting while driving to drinking alcohol and abusing drugs. Club advisor Mrs. Flanders said, last month during the first day the club met that it was some of the best attendance she has seen for the club for many years.

Last month, the club started off introducing everyone by playing the game two truths and a lie. It is said to be a fun way for people to find out some facts about their peers. After that, to learn each other’s names we held up a sheet between two people and fastest to say the others’ names won. As a first time member, I was told that this game was a staple on the first day of the club and everyone gets really excited about it. 

Next, we started to get more serious talking about some of the issues we were facing as high school students. We were told to write three things down on a piece of paper that we thought were most important and then we would discuss our own opinions on them. The big topic last week was vaping due to all the stories on the news and the internet. We started the topic by telling everyone if they vaped to stop and how to avoid starting to vape. We then researched the illnesses people are getting from vaping and discussed how they could affect us if we vaped. 

One of the club leaders, Cody Butanowicz, said, “Vaping is usually one of the most talked-about topics at our meetings for the past two years because it is probably the most important issue a teenager faces right now.”

The next club meeting is Thursday, December 5th and the main focus of the meeting is drunk driving especially with teens. When I asked Tom O’Neill, a leader of the club, what activities we will be doing he replied, “This meeting we will be using drunk goggles and we will be showing kids how hard it is to pass a field sobriety test while being under the influence.”

He followed up by saying that this is usually everyone’s favorite meeting because of the fun activity, but he said he was going to make sure that we talk about the serious effects of driving while under the influence. After the activity, we are going to learn about what the consequences are for drunk driving with the cops and how it can affect you emotionally. He said they are also going to do an activity that will show how driving while under the influence of marijuana is just as dangerous as alcohol. Tom said that they will be showing real-life examples of how drunk driving can affect your family and many others and how it has ruined many people’s lives.

The meetings are open to anyone who wants to learn about how to stay safe as a high school student right now and are highly recommended by the people that attend them and teachers around the school. You can meet with the club on the first Thursday of every month at 7:00pm in the high school cafeteria.


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