Club Review: Art Club

By Mariah Daniels

Art Club at the North Attleboro High School is an inclusive club that allows for students to express themselves through paintings, drawings, sculptures, and so much more. It’s not just for kids who are advanced in art, anyone can join no matter what their artistic skills. The club values freedom to create a piece of artwork that can demonstrate a positive, emotional, and have a profound impact on someone . The club advisor and art teacher, Mrs. Caldarone stated, “Art club is made for students to have fun together making different artwork. and learning new skills to create amazing and unique pieces.”

Art club meets just about every one to two weeks. The meetings are held in Mrs. Caldarone room 127 and last for about an hour. During these meetings, students come up with unique and innovative ideas on what to make, how to make, and what to use for their artwork. When finished, these pieces are shown throughout the school and in the NAHS art show. This club creates a great opportunity for kids of different grades and are in different friend groups to interact with each other. 

NAHS senior Emma Nye says, “ Art club is such a fun environment and allows me to connect with people who have a common interest with me.”

NAHS senior Taylor Ward agrees and says, “I look forward to art club everytime I hear about a new meeting”

If you’re interested in joining a club that promotes self-expression and permits a fun and safe environment for students to learn and work,  contact the club’s advisor Mrs. Caldarone in room 127 to join! 

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