Student Profile: Kyla Rodrigues

By: Mariah Daniels


Kyla Rodrigues’s parents were just 19 and 20 when they had her, which gave Kyla a very different childhood. To begin, she mainly spent most of her time growing up with her grandparents, but much of the time that she spent with her parents was going out with them. She recalls tagging along with her parents at parties, and even participated in different games while her parents and their friends watched on. 

As Kyla got older, she would spend her weekends going on nature walks with her grandparents in Connecticut. She remembers that there was a large rock that she would go to that had a cave underneath it. It was a local legend that a bear lived in the cave and would come out and grab people’s stuff. Everytime Kyla and her grandparents would walk by, they would check the cave for any bears. 

Kyla’s favorite memory from living in Cheshire, Connecticut was the Sunshine Convenience store that she would go to everyday after school. She would walk to the convenience store after school with her grandpa and get an m&m ice cream cone which was her “all time favorite snack.”  

Kyla soon got older and by the age of eight she moved to North Attleboro. She started to play soccer and fell in love with the sport. Every fall season she continued to play and as she began to grow up she started to play soccer year round. Winter, summer, fall, and spring, Kyla was playing her favorite sport. 

Kyla made a lot of friends through soccer and through school. It gave her the ability to go to birthday parties, football games, and have sleepovers. Her favorite part about having friends was being able to have such fun sleepovers and stay up really late. Many of Kyla’s friends grew up with her threw middle and high school. “I’ve known Kyla for a really long time and we have played important roles in eachothers lives growing up” says Kyla’s best friend Olivia Hewitt. 

Kyla’s life growing up was full of excitement, joy, and challenges. She spent the most time with her grandparents who loved her so much. Her parents were young but full of excitement for their first born. Kyla made friends that will last her a lifetime and she will continue to play soccer as she becomes older.


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