Senior Lot Traffic

by Liam Conway

On the surface, the North Attleboro senior lot may seem like your average high school parking lot, but the truth is that every weekday at 1:50PM, a war begins to get out of the lot as quickly as possible. Only a select few students get out quickly, while the rest are stranded in traffic.  

When asked about the cause of senior lot traffic, assistant principal Mr. Booth said it’s mainly because of the high volume of students, whether they are being picked up, taking the bus, or leaving their lot. With only one exit and so many people leaving at one time, it is inevitable for traffic to occur.

Seniors have many different strategies to try to avoid this traffic issue.

“My strategy is to leave class as soon as the bell rings and do a light jog to my car,” said NAHS senior Matt Seavey.

NAHS Senior Jake Petersen presented a different strategy, saying, “I wait for the traffic to clear out so I can drive without having to stop 18 billion times.”

In an attempt to finesse the system and get out quicker, students have used the right lane on Wilson Whitty Way, turned right, and turned back around on Laurelwood Drive. They have done this because the right lane is faster to get out of due to fewer students living east of the high school, and being able to turn right on red. However, this has since been prohibited for safety and privacy reasons.

It seems like the senior lot traffic is destined to become a way of life around NAHS, but that doesn’t stop it from making it stressful for students, parents, and teachers alike.

“[Leaving the school] is like a fight, like getting in a ring for a boxing match,” described senior Matt Quinn. “It’s toe-to-toe and aggressive, and you never know what’s going to happen.”     

Principal Haviland responded that all drivers should exercise patience, cooperation, and safe driving to mitigate these driving issues as much as possible.

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