Reality Check Day

money-world-360x240by Quinn Lewicki

North Attleboro High School students took part in Reality Check Day on Wednesday, September 26th. NAHS career specialist Ms. Jester explained that this event was in the making for a while.

The planning committee consists of members from the Attleboro Area School to Career Partnership and volunteers from the NAHS community and we also received sponsorship from the NAHS PTO as well as Rockland Federal Credit Union,” Ms. Jester explained.

The focus of the day is for students to learn about personal finances and how to budget by allowing them to practice saving, spending, and budgeting interactively.

This year, there were two sessions in the gym, which allowed both juniors and seniors to participate in the event. Ms. Jester said that approximately 600 total students attended, making this year’s Reality Check Day the largest ever

Many students looked forward to the opportunity to get some hands-on experience.

Junior Maya Estrela said, “I think Reality Check Day is good because it gives us a glimpse of what our future might  be like so we can get a head start on planning for it.”

Students chose a career either in Guidance Seminar last year or in homeroom this year. The students’ way of saving, spending, and budgeting will all be based on the career they have chosen and the decisions they make.

Senior Marissa Soares said, “I think it’s good for our school because it gives students a chance to see what life is going to be like with the career they want to pursue.”

Students received a packet on Wednesday morning which will included their annual salary, take-home pay, credit score, student loan debt, and credit limit. After receiving this information, students will stopped by 15 booths that were set up, which will include things such as clothing, furniture, nutrition, and transportation.

Ms. Jester explained that the “approximately 65-70 volunteers coming from the community for the day of the event” will be set up at the booths.  At the booths the students made spending decisions based on their salary, including selecting a car and housing. At the end of the session, students will have to visit the booth labeled “Reality Check” to go over their budget.

The goal of the day was to help students distinguish the difference between wants and needs. Reality Check Day helps prepare students for financial independence in the future.

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