Vehicle Break-Ins In North Attleboro

by Ben Pfeffer

Almost two dozen vehicle break-ins have occurred in North Attleboro during the week of Halloween, according to The Sun Chronicle.

The police believe they found the suspect. On the North Attleboro Police’s twitter, there have been videos posted of the suspect checking vehicles and walking away after realizing that they’re locked.

The Sun Chronicle reports that the break-ins have occurred in cars in neighborhoods along Allen Avenue around Spring Hill Drive, Captain Joseph Direnzo said on Thursday, November 2nd.

“Even though their cars may not have been broken into, the subject may have walked into their driveway,” says Direnzo. People are urged to send the police their surveillance if they have seen any suspicious activity.

The Sun Chronicle reports one window has been smashed in the series of break-ins. The rest of the cars were already unlocked. Wallets, purses, sunglasses, and laptops have been reported missing.

In a Sun Chronicle report, Captain Direnzo says residents should lock their doors and avoid leaving valuables in their vehicles, and that residents should leave their outdoor lights on, if possible.

Samantha Gaskin and Kasey Papineau, two seniors at NAHS who both live in the area around the break-ins, gave their opinions on the situation before the suspect was caught.

Gaskin said, “I had no clue that there were even break-ins. I’m so worried about my car now. I hope they fix this issue quickly.”

Papineau said something along similar lines, “I wasn’t aware of any vehicle break-ins. I live in the area I feel like someone should’ve told me.”

The suspect denied responsibility when questioned by the North Attleboro Police Department. The suspect is out on bail at $500 and has been ordered to stay away from the victims, according to The Sun Chronicle.

The suspect is to appear in court on Jan. 25.

North Attleboro Police Station. Photo from The Sun Chronicle.


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