Fire Alarms Go Haywire

by Ben Pfeffer

North Attleboro High School experienced two fire alarms in two days at the same exact time.

Reportedly, the fire alarms were caused by motion sensors in the gym. The sensors went off because a helium balloon went up into the area of the sensors that would normally detect smoke. However, there was no need for balloons at the rally, and the alarms went off at very similar times on the two days. These coincidences left people skeptical about what the administration was telling them.

On Friday, October 20, students were done with all of their academic classes, ready and excited for the rally that was to follow. The office started calling down the freshmen to the gym when the fire alarm went off. Students evacuated properly, despite the odd situation with the captains and club leaders being in the gymnasium. Students met with their homerooms at their designated spot outside.

When they were called back inside, everyone went to the gym and formed a mosh pit of people and some people ended up in the wrong place. “I didn’t know what to do,” said Senior Geoffrey Wilson.

The rally was then rushed along with Mr. Kummer being forced to skip traditional parts of it that angered the students, especially the seniors since it was their turn to win the Spirit contest, leaving many in the senior class to believe that the fire alarm had ruined the class of 2018’s final rally.

Senior Hailey Balmforth gave her opinion about the situation, “My friends and I were devastated because we were really looking forward to our Senior year rally. We hope that the administration will alter the Thanksgiving rally to add the things we missed from the spirit rally.”

The second fire alarm was on Monday, October 23, the very next Monday. It was a normally scheduled day. The fire alarms went off at the same exact time that the fire alarms went off on Friday. When the students were called back inside, a second fire alarm went off when about half of the students were inside. This made everyone have to go back to their positions outside and wait even longer. Students missed tests, quizzes, notes, and a large portion of their seventh period class time.

The next day, Tuesday October 24, there was no fire alarm when everyone was expecting one. The problem must have been fixed.

Rylee Pearce, a senior at North Attleboro High School, was asked about how the fire alarms affected her, to which she replied, “It was the worst time for them to go off. Our rallies are full of spirit and very traditional, but the alarms made us lose a lot of the rally and we didn’t get to do half of the things planned. Also, on Monday I was focusing on applying to college when I was disrupted by the alarms and lost a bunch of time.”

When asked about the fire alarms and schedule disruption, senior James Young said, “I feel very annoyed that we missed class because of the sensor malfunction. It takes time away from the learning aspect of school.”

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