Patriot’s Season Opener

Patriot’s Season Opener

Pats vs Chiefs
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by Zachary Gould

Most Patriots fans can agree that the Patriots’ season opener didn’t go as planned, with a disappointing 42-27 loss against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Patriots were only able to produce 371 total yards in their season debut, and the Chiefs had 537 total yards, according to  

Another disappointing performance was Tom Brady, who was held to 16/36 on passes for 267 yards with zero touchdown passes. As for the Chiefs’ quarterback, Alex Smith was 28/35 for 368 yards and four touchdowns.

After looking at these stats, it is fair to say they were outplayed on both sides. The positive of this is the last three times the Patriots lost a season opener they went on to win the Super Bowl.

Many people from North Attleboro were very surprised with the outcome of  the game.

Senior Dylan Kane said, “They didn’t play up to the hype and lost it in the second half.”

Other students had similar views on the game by saying that the Pats played well in the first half, and fell apart in the second.

Sophomore Jeremy Folan said, “The Patriots celebrated too much before the game and were over confident. They deserved to lose that game.”

The celebration, which consisted of Mark Wahlberg giving a speech, was to reveal their banner for winning the Super Bowl last year. The score board had 28-3 on it, which was the deficit they had to overcome to win the Super Bowl. This display didn’t sit well with people, especially who are not fans of the team. So after the lost they were bombarded with criticism on SportsCenter and ESPN.   

Like Dylan Kane, Jake DiRenzo also had an optimistic view on the game. DiRenzo said, “The game clearly didn’t go the way everyone anticipated, but it was the first game. The last time they lost a season opener they won the Super Bowl.”

After game two’s dramatic win over the New Orleans Saints, it’s safe to say the Patriots bounced back from week one.

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