Interview With Mr. Booth

By Rielly Marcotte

As many of you know, NAHS has two new additions to their administration. I got the opportunity to sit down with the new assistant principal himself, Mr. Booth. Here is our conversation, spanning from where he came from, who he looked up to, and what he plans to improve.

Mr. Booth began his career as a math teacher at Foxboro Charter School in 2004. After teaching here for about a year and a half, he moved on to Norwood High School, where he taught for 10 years. In the 2016-2017 school year, Mr. Booth moved on to KP, where he served as the math department head.

Although he “loved being a math teacher,” Mr. Booth said that his urge to help people and his great leadership qualities are what really made him want to be an assistant principal. He wanted to not only to be able to do more and have a positive impact on students, but on staff as well. He said, “Whether it’s just to give advice or supporting (the teachers) in any way I can, I want to be there.”

 Before coming to North Attleboro, Mr. Booth had already heard a lot about the town. His wife, who is from North Attleboro, taught him a lot of the ins and outs of the town. He admitted he didn’t know much about the school district per say, but did know the town has much pride, predominantly good sports and “a very tight knit community.” These are the qualities that Mr. Booth said led him here.

Mr. Booth stated, “My expectation when I came here and as I’m starting, are to get to know what goes on around here currently, see how the school works, see what the kids are like, see what the staff is like, and just see where each day takes me right now.” Mr. Booth wants to get to know every student he possibly can and be able to at least put a name to a face.

Mr. Booth also mentioned how being an assistant principal, a lot of time you do get referrals, but that that wasn’t the first thing on his mind when he decided to become an administrator.

“The first thing on my mind was to get to know different students, go to some different clubs, go to some different activities and get to know a lot of them,” explained Mr. Booth.

A goal Mr. Booth has is to meet every senior this year. He talked about wanting to have the opportunity to call each individual senior down this year and sit and talk with them for about five minutes to put a name to a face, and get to know them a little better. So all you seniors out there, if you get called down by Mr. Booth, it’s most likely just to say hello. He got this idea from the principal of Norwood High School. “It was something that really stuck with me and showed a lot of value not only to him, but to his students as well,” Mr. Booth explained.  

Mr. Booth had some very prominent people in previous work places and in high school whom he considers role models. He talked about a football coach who he previously had, who wanted to know everyone. Mr. Booth said that really stuck with him and that is a main cause of why he wants to get to know everyone.

In addition to this football coach, Mr. Booth also worked with the principal of Dedham High School who “had a great rapport with the kids.” Mr. Booth then went on to explain how the principal himself was like a chess player. “He would be able to see three steps ahead of every possible decision or plan and wanted to be very organized.” Yet he still had that that “personal touch,” as Mr. Booth called it.  

On reflecting on just the first week of being at North, Mr. Booth said, “we have great kids. I was a little disappointed that I was not able to meet as many students as I wanted to. The day goes very quickly and there are very quick periods. But as I said to a few people, I am very happy. I’m really happy I got the opportunity… Everyday has been rewarding and I look forward to coming to work every day.”

While there’s nothing in particular Mr. Booth wants to change here at NAHS, there are some few improvements he would like to make. He wants to improve in the building aspect of the schools, but his main goal is to make everyone here feel welcomed and that they can take part in Big Red pride.

“We have 1,070 students here, and I think all of them need to walk in the building every day and know they are supported and can have that pride. I want them to know if they need something anybody can help them. Whether it’s a freshman helps a freshman, senior helps a freshman, freshman helps a senior, you know, it doesn’t matter in terms of your grade level. Everyone is included, everybody is welcome, and everyone feels value. And I believe that will increase the Big Red pride we have here.”

After interviewing Mr. Booth I feel as though I learned many valuable things. Mr. Booth really wants to be involved in our school and with each student, and wants everyone to be welcomed here. He automatically fell in love with NAHS and can sense the Big Red pride from a mile away. He loves coming to work every day and is so glad he had the opportunity to come here, and be involved in our community.

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