Another Change in Administration at North Attleboro

by Ben Pfeffer

        There is a new principal and a new assistant principal at North Attleboro High School.

        The new principal, Mr. Haviland, will be taking over as of the 2017-2018 school year along with assistant principal Mr. Booth. They are taking over due to the departures of the previous principal, Mr. Juelis, and previous assistant principal, Mrs. Todd, who both transferred to different schools during and after the 2016-2017 school year.

Principal Haviland takes picture with Superintendent Holcomb. Photo from The Sun Chronicle

        Principal Haviland was the principal at Weymouth High School before becoming the new principal at North Attleboro High. According to The Sun Chronicle, at Weymouth High, Mr. Haviland had a successful NEASC accreditation visit, which is the reason he was a top candidate for the school due to NAHS’ struggles with NEASC standards.

        Assistant Principal Booth worked at King Philip High School before leaving to join the Red Rocketeers at North Attleboro High School. According to an interview Rielly Marcotte did with Mr. Booth, at King Philip High Mr. Booth was a math teacher and math department head. However, he wanted to help people, and becoming an assistant principal was the next step in doing so.

This latest change in leadership is one of many at North Attleboro High School. In the past four years, there have been a total of seven different principals and assistant principals.

        “There have been five principals in my 10 years of working here,” Mrs. Violette said when asked about the recent, sudden changes in administration. “With every new principal there’s a new learning curve. The principals getting to know you as a teacher is always a little nerve racking. I always want to make a good impression on my new boss and show them that I’m a hard worker.”

        Some students are wondering how much the changes will affect the school. Senior Kevin Martinez gives his opinion: “I think people are overreacting to the changes. It doesn’t affect me much. People’s overall experiences at school will essentially be the same.”

       Other students are very happy about the new changes. Senior Kyle Nelson says, “I haven’t interacted too much with the new staff, but so far for what I’ve witnessed it’s been a bright and cheerful crew.”

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