Could Bama beat the Browns?

by Zach McGowan

It seems like every football season that the Crimson Tide of Alabama rolls to the top of the NCAA ranks, and the Cleveland Browns wind up at the bottom of the NFL barrel. With this being considered, it’s hard to get through the football season without hearing this question at least once: Could the University of Alabama Crimson Tide beat the Cleveland Browns of the NFL?


Breakdown: 2016 Cleveland Browns

It is without a doubt that the 2016 Cleveland Browns are one of the worst football teams to ever play pigskin (or at least attempt to) in the National Football League. At this point, there are Cleveland Browns tickets ($6) that are going for less than a footlong sandwich at Subway. Losses have not been hard to come by for this team, and they are just three losses from becoming just the second 0-16 team in the history of the National Football League. It’s safe to say that most football fans are pulling for a winless season out of the Browns too. Why? Well this team is the laughing stock of the NFL, and it would be even funnier if they were to finish winless.


RG3 fumbles.jpg

Breakdown: 2016 Alabama Crimson Tide

Another year, another #1 ranking for the Crimson Tide. Champions of one of the most highly competitive conferences in the country in the SEC, UA is entering the four-team College Football Playoff as heavy favorites to win the National Championship.

With a dominant 13-0 regular season, it is safe to say ‘Bama earned every bit of their #1 seed. A team that is loaded with future elite NFL talent, it’s tough to make a case against Alabama being the top college football team in the country. With 41.3 points per game and 12.5 points allowed per game (per, Alabama has coasted through their NCAA season in dominating fashion thus far.




So, when it comes down to it, could the NCAA’s best in Alabama football beat the NFL’s worst in the Cleveland Browns?

Despite all this being said, my guess is that, despite being awful in the NFL, the Cleveland Browns would roll the tide of ‘Bama. The University of Alabama is a phenomenal college football team, but they would get rolled even worse than the Browns currently are in the NFL. This is partially because ‘Bama is a team comprised of 19-24 year old kids. Now many of these kids obviously have potential NFL level talent, but the players on the Browns, no matter how bad they might be on the NFL scale, are already established NFL talents. All of these players have already made it to the next level at the National Football League, which any college football player will tell you is not easy by any means.

My Final Prediction: Cleveland over Bama, 34-10


The First Launch Staff Writer Jack Dakin: Cleveland over Bama, 38-21

“I think Cleveland would win by a solid amount, maybe 17, since they are already proven professionals which I believe holds more value than being the #1 team in the NCAA.”


The First Launch Staff Writer Vinny Zammiello: Cleveland over Bama, 42-10

“To put it simply, I think the NFL’s worst would still overpower the NCAA’s best in a competitive game. It would be a landslide Cleveland victory.”

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