Top 6 Movies of the 80’s

by Olivia Capriotti

The 80’s were an iconic time for movies that included themes like adventure, coming of age, and comedy that have made a significant impact on today’s culture. To review some of the best, here is a list comprised of the flicks. (This list doesn’t include romance or horror films.)


  1. Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark

This action-packed film, created in 1981 by George Lucas, was the first of many in the Indiana Jones franchise. It is to be considered one of the most amazing adventure films of all time, consisting of  an impressive soundtrack and witty dialogue. It is full of lovable c

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haracters such as the title character himself, Marion Ravenwood, a former lover and companion of Indiana, and Sallah, the best digger in Cairo. With a great storyline that withstands the test of time while entertaining at the same time, it is a movie for all ages and is not to be forgotten.





2. Back to the Future

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Coming out in 1985, this science-fiction dual adventure comedy is based on a teenager named Marty McFly who is sent back to the year 1955 in a time machine his friend, Dr. Emmett Brown, made from a used car. This movie is extremely advanced for its time, considering the fact it is based on the idea of time travel and paradoxes. It is well-known that almost everyone who has seen it has  loved it. It is clever, imaginative, and everyone gets a kick out of the references.



  1. The Goonies

Created in 1985 as well, The Goonies focuses in on a group of boys who find a treasure map in the attic of one of the member’s house and use it as a way to save their homes from demolition. Although it is not as action-packed as Indiana Jones and Back to the Future, this movie still gets credit for being one of the best adventure movies that appeals to kids. Using a map to locate buried treasure, befriending a monster, and escaping a trio of bad guys, The Goonies takes all of the wild and mysterious scenarios of pre-teens and places it into a movie.  Definitely all on the bucket list.

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Coming of Age

  1. Breakfast Club
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A group of high school students from different cliques spend a Saturday in detention and form a friendship. There are five main characters are all categorized by stereotypes- The Princess, the Athlete, the Criminal, the Basket Case, and the Brain.The movie incorporates great dialogue, showing character development, and the classic 80’s song “Don’t You” by Simple Minds. Overall, this movie teaches viewers the lesson that although people come from different backgrounds, they can still join together as one.

2. Heathers

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An elite clique in school is comprised of three Heathers and their friend Veronica Sawyer. They are known as the “queen bees” of the school, and notorious for being ridiculously cruel to others in the school. However, after the group’s leader, Heather Chandler, humiliates Veronica at a party, Veronica plans to get revenge on the group. Heathers has become an influential movie over the years, as it shows how cruel girls can be  to one another, and that sometimes “revenge is best served blue.”

  1. Sixteen Candles

In this classic 80’s film starring Molly Ringwald, her family forgets her birthday because of the commotion of her sister’s wedding. To make matters worse, she has a crush on a senior but keeps on getting attention from an underclassman who won’t leave her alone. It is a great coming of age tale, that represents what it is like to be trying to find love in high school.

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