Sports Marketing Field Trip

By Thomas Kummer

On Monday, November 14th, Mr. Dupre and his Sports Marketing classes traveled to TD Garden to tour the Boston Bruins team facilities.  The Bruins, Boston’s hockey team since 1924, have owned TD Garden since it was constructed in 1995.  The TD Garden is also the home court to the Boston Celtics, helping it become a beacon of sports in Beantown, with 23 championships between the teams in the past eight years.  

Students in front of the lowered Jumbotron

This year, about 40 students attended the trip with chaperones Mr. Dupre and physical education teacher Mrs. Charette.   

Senior Nick Gould shared his opinion on the field trip.  “It was informative. A little different from what I was expecting, but it was pretty fun,” Gould said.  

After the tour, which consisted of walking around the upper levels of the arena and looking at pictures, there was a lengthy Q and A session with three Bruins employees.  Students prepared questions before the trip that were thoughtfully answered by the employees.  

Next, the students ate their highly anticipated lunch at Faneuil Hall.  However, some were disappointed when they were only allotted 45 minutes to order and eat their meals in the crowded dining hall.  Mr. Dupre suggested Philly Cheesesteaks as a good place to eat, and the majority of the students took his advice and bought some, but they were underwhelmed with their meals.

“Six out of 10,” said Tom Vidal, “the bun was the best part.” Jason McNeany added, “the Hibachi was so much better than the steaks.”   

Overall, the Boston Bruins field trip was a good idea and it was fun to get away from school for a day, but some students claimed that the overall experience was disappointing.  They reported that the tour gui
des didn’t do a sufficient job explaining, and there was a lot of walking involved.  

Mr Dupre says, “The tour guides last year were better.  Last time they were more in depth, while this year we just walked around.  I feel the Q & A part of the trip was much better.”  Overall, Mr. Dupre says he thought the field trip was “fantastic” but could definitely have been better.   

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