Captains’ Conference

By Leo Charlebois

The Hockomock captains’ conference has been a long-standing tradition among schools throughout the league, and this year’s conference was a very special one. From guest speaker Ed Gerety to trivia games led by one of NAHS’s very own Mr. Herber, the event was an overwhelming success. The conference took place at Oliver Ames High School and lasted throughout the whole duration of a school day.

The main speaker was Stoughton High School’s athletic director, Ryan Donahue. He directed the captains on team-building activities throughout the course of the day. One of the most popular activities included specific tables that had motivational quotes that emphasized good leadership qualities. The tables were divided into specific sports such as track, lacrosse and basketball. The purpose of this activity was to have captains of the same sport talk about and become familiar for the upcoming season. The student athletes utilized their opportunities to interact with their peers. In fact, at one of the men’s track tables, an astonishingly tall water bottle tower was built that impressed even the Stoughton athletic director.  “Great job bottle boy, that’s a fantabulous tower,” Donahue said.

The trivia game was also a massive hit. The first round consisted of Mr. Herber, teacher and coach from  North Attleboro High School, reading of names of Hockomock school’s gymnasiums and fields. The tables then had to write down what school they believed these fields and gyms belonged to. After that, the second round consisted of general trivia such as  “what city was last years Super Bowl held in,” etc.  After these two riveting rounds of trivia madness, it was one of the girl’s basketball tables who won it all.

Caroline Collard, a member of the winning team said, “It was a great accomplishment and honor to be recognized for my superior high school sports IQ, this will definitely be on my resume.”

After the trivia game, the captains were provided a lunch of champions: Subway sandwiches, chips, water, grape juice and cookies. Afterwards, the captains entered  into Oliver Ames magnificent theater. It had large comfy seats along with a polished wood stage with excellent sound and lighting. The theater also had a large wrap around balcony resembling a Renaissance era opera house. The big finale everyone had been anticipating had finally arrived when guest speaker Ed Gerety walked in, whose lively presence was immediately recognized.

He started off his speech by getting the everyone to stand up, clap, and yell out chants that got the student athlete’s blood moving. After this, all focus was on Ed when the students realized that he wasn’t just some boring guest speaker here for a paycheck, and his message was was able to spread rapidly throughout an eager crowd. His message was clear; never give up and let the important people in your life know they matter to you. He talked about how every goal is achievable and it’s all about having more heart than the next guy. Another big aspect of his speech was shown by having every captain write a letter to a loved one and actually mailing it out to that loved one.

Overall the Captains conference was a wonderful experience to all who attended.      

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