Black Friday 2016

by Leo Charlebois

Black Friday has always been one of the most hectic events during the holiday season. Shoppers camp out in front of stores, sometimes days in advance, to purchase that big ticket item on sale. Many large stores leak what deals they will have in a strategical marketing move to improve turnout at their particular store instead of the competitions.

Some hot stores that are infamous for their large lines and competitive deals are Macy’s, Best Buy, Target and Kohl’s. This year, Macy’s is having a massive clothing sale. The big kahuna for them is their discounted Lauren and Calvin Klein suits, regularly $625, on sale for $184. Macy’s can be found locally in North Attleboro at Emerald Square Mall, which is predicted to be the second-most visited destination behind only the Wrentham Outlets. The Outlets are the perfect place to get great deals for a wide variety of people. They offer numerous big brand stores in close proximity to one another for quick and effective shopping.

One downfall to this location is the large amount of traffic throughout the parking lot and stores. Expect delays of over an hour simply to get into the Outlets and park. This accompanied by massive lines out the door of certain stores.  This is clearly enough to discourage a large mass of perspective shoppers.

Some of the most sought after stores in the Wrentham Outlets are Nike, Polo, J. Crew, Claire’s, Armani and Under Armor. For both the Emerald Square Mall and the Wrentham Outlets, shopping starts at midnight after Thanksgiving and runs straight through for the next 24 hours. Besides the crazy deals and insane shoppers there are also workers who, quite frankly, can be intimidated by the chaos of Black Friday.

“I hate working on Black Friday. Everyone is mean and pushy and it makes me want to cry,” said Morgan Donato, a worker at Cost Cutters.

However, for some workers getting to park close and shop after their shifts is very beneficial. “It’s nice to get your shift at work along with cheap holiday shopping out of the way in one shot, I’ll also have an amazing nap the day after,” said Alex Dion, a worker at Gap.

Overall, despite the scrutiny over the day, Black Friday gives affordable Christmas shopping options to people who need them, which is a benefit everyone agrees on.

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