3 YA Books for New Readers

by Meghan Hudson

Some people hate reading. Sometimes the problem is that it is just impossible to find a good book, or that the book is too long. Luckily for those who are interested in reading, there are resources for them to look at. This list will help you ease into the world of good young adult books.

from goodreads.com

1- Everland by Wendy Spinale

Everland is a retelling of Peter Pan with dystopian and steampunk elements. It is a thrilling tale filled with suspense, love, and adventure. It tells the story of Gwen and Pete and their struggle to survive the harsh environment of “Everland.”  Pete is the leader of a rowdy underground society of boys, while Gwen is an orphan whose only goal is to survive and protect her younger brother and sister. However, everything changes when Gwen’s sister is taken by the Marauders, a group of pirates who search for children in hopes of curing the disease that killed all the adults in the country.  Everland is a great story for fans of the fairytale retelling genre. The characters are loveable and well-developed. Gwen and Pete have a  strong relationship and Wendy Spinale frequently teases her readers. Also, if you enjoy Everland, its sequel Umberland comes out May 9, 2017.

picture from goodreads.com

2- Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

In the world of Red Queen, the kingdom is divided by blood. The Red Bloods work and protect their kingdom as they are fearful of the powerful, god-like Silver bloods, who have ruled the kingdom for centuries. As the first book of the Red Queen Trilogy, the plot follows 17 year-old Red Blood, Mare Barrow, as she struggles to survive within the elite Silver court.  When Mare poses as the prince’s fiancee, she realizes she must hide her power and pretend to be a Silver.  Red Queen is a book for newbies in the YA community. It is a standard fantasy/sci-fi book with elements of romance and action. Similar to the Divergent or Hunger Games Trilogies, Red Queen focuses on the growth of the dynamic female protagonist and  promotes female-empowerment.

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3- Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

Dorothy Must Die is about the other girl from Kansas, Amy Gumm.  Amy’s life in Kansas is less than fabulous, but everything changes when she is swept up by a twister and transported to the land of Oz. The only problem is that this Oz is not all rainbows and musical numbers, it’s a desolate place ruled by an evil dictator- Dorothy Gale. In this tale, the once-beloved witch slayer of Oz and her companions have turned evil. With the help of a society for the wicked, Amy must assassinate Dorothy and her friends. One warning: Do not go into this book if you have a weak stomach. This book is intensely filled with gore. Danielle Paige leaves out no details when it comes to action scenes.  As the first book of three (and soon to be four), it lays out a grand picture of what Oz is and what Amy is going to have to go through. It is packed full of witty dialogue and action. It is definitely one of the most descriptive books in terms of scenery and action.  

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