by Meghan Hudson

A perfect society is the most desirable thing for a country, unfortunately, it’s not possible.  So many things prevent us from achieving Utopia status. One of the main inhibitors is unequal rights. It amazes and baffles me as to why we still don’t have equal rights for everyone.  Why is it taking us so long?

Egalitarianism is the belief in all human equality.  Egalitarians have been fighting for many years for equal rights for everyone.  They understand that equal rights for everyone is the proper way to go.

This country is the called the “Land of the Free,” but if this place is so “free” then why are we still fighting for equal rights? People fought in Ferguson against police brutality, people are protesting for and against planned parenthood.  I’m really confused as to why we haven’t reached the point of equality.  Many will argue that people have different abilities and that contributes, but how is that a good reason for not giving everyone equal rights?  

Why are African-Americans still struggling? People are protesting against police brutality again, just like they did in the 60s. History seems to be repeating itself. You would think by now that people would have deconstructed the racial barrier, but I guess that’s too complex.

This is why we need Egalitarianism, because people can’t understand the elementary concept of accepting everyone. Egalitarians work for equal rights for all groups.  Males, females, African Americans-everyone deserves equal rights.  Equality doesn’t hurt anyone, it only builds the country more

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