Superintendent Search in NA

by Leo Charlebois

North Attleboro High School has begun their search to fill the important spot of superintendent. In order to select a proper candidate, the school put together an 11 person screening committee who will strive to receive community input on what makes a superior superintendent.

The only student to attend this meeting was senior Julia Noreck. Julia made a point to stress that the future superintendent must be  “be the voice of the children” in a letter she presented to the committee. Julia’s letter also offered a suggestion for the job: current Assistant Superintendent Holcomb.

Many parents of North Attleboro students have also weighed in on the discussion. When asked about what they were looking for in a superintendent, parents had very specific input to their ideal candidate.

Joanne Mullaney: “The person who gets the job has to be a strong independent leader who will provide stability amongst the staff members”.

Karen Reimels: “I’m looking for someone who will make sports more affordable while maintaining a quality education for the future students of NAHS.”

Meeghan Kummer: “The new superintendent for North Attleboro High School needs to be good working with a tight budget. It doesn’t seem like our school has any money at all and if someone from a wealthier school comes in without knowledge of North Attleboro’s situation it could be disastrous.”

Audrey Bradley: “Superintendents have lots of people under them which they have influence over. As long as we have a fair person who is a good at judging his staff, NAHS should be fine.”

Barbara Gagne: “Some characteristics I would look for are being kind, understanding and generous. Also, I would want him/her to maybe attempt to organize some fun school field trips for my lovely daughter Rene to attend.”

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