“New” Zodiac Signs



by: Julia Coelho


To those who check their horoscope religiously every morning: you may be thrown a bit of a loop when hearing the latest news in astrology. Recently, there has been talk of a new zodiac sign being added to the 12 existing signs. However, although this is considered to be a “new” astrological sign has been around for thousands of years.

Around 500 BC, Babylonian astrologers divided the ecliptic into 12 signs: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. All of these established signs created the first celestial coordinate system. However, last month, NASA found an error in the system, which resulted in a change of the astrological signs and the addition of Ophiuchus, which represents the span between November 29th- December 17th.

After discovering this error, NASA concluded that the Babylonians knew about Ophiuchus, but neglected to add it to the astrological calendar. They believed that excluding the thirteenth sign would be a more convenient option, because their calendar had 12 lunar cycles per year.

However, NASA clarified a key detail when they released this news: Astrology is not Astronomy. Astrology is not a science, but a study of how the gravitational pull of the sun and stars can affect people’s personalities. Astronomy, which NASA based their research off of, is the scientific study of stars and space.

Although this may be focused on the more astronomical aspect of things, astrology fanatics have had mixed emotions when learning that their sign had changed. One night, someone could go to bed as a caring and passionate Leo, and then wake up to see that their sign has changed to a defensive and protective Cancer. A lot of people, including myself, feel as though they don’t “identify” with their new sign. Senior Sabrina Moul was particularly thrown off by this news.

“I’m a Virgo, absolutely no doubt. I’m not a Leo, there’s no way. I say we protest it.”

I myself identify with my sign as a Leo very much. I feel as though I am confident and loyal, but also stubborn and melodramatic. When my sign changed to a Cancer, my horoscope stated that I was shy and very sensitive, which I believe I am quite the opposite of.

For others, the addition of Ophiuchus has been a bit more unfortunate. Senior Emma Cromidas shared her friend Brenna’s story.

“My friend Brenna’s birthday is March 9th, so she had her zodiac sign, Pisces, tattooed on her finger. After the new sign was added, her sign changed to Aquarius, so that’s kind of unfortunate for her.”

However, some are very excited about this new discovery. Senior Angela Firicano, who’s birthday is August 5th, was a Leo before Ophiuchus was added. She is now a Cancer, which she is happy about.

“When reading my new horoscope, it says that Cancers are loyal and highly imaginative, which I consider myself both these things. I’m pretty excited by this change,” Firicano stated.

Also, to put it frankly, some people do not care about their zodiac sign.

Senior Alyssa Cohen shared her opinion on the subject and claimed it “didn’t affect her in anyway whatsoever.”

Cohen stated, “I was a Taurus before, and I am an Aries now. I don’t identify with either. I feel like an astrology sign cannot define who you are, for that is only something your heart can do.”

Well said, Cohen. Well said.

One comment

  1. I would like to start by agreeing with Cohen when he said that he feels like ‘an’ astrology sign can not define who you are, but I certainly do not agree that your heart does either, if this were the case then I would be able to change a couple of traits that I have (not terrible nasty traits, just ones that seem to create alot of issues for me) and life would be a whole lot easier, but the fact is there are certain aspects of my personality that no matter how hard I try I am unable to change and this used to be a big problem for me until a friend suggested I got my birth chart done. For those of you who do not know what that is, it is a map of what constellation/zodiac sign, certain planets, the moon and the sun are situated in when you where born. Each plant etc represents a particular aspect of ‘you’ and depending on which sign the particular planet ect is situated in supposedly dictates what traits influence that aspect. Now I admit I was very sceptical about getting this done because like so many others I had wasted plenty of time reading my monthly star sign only to discover that for me it was just rubbish and a total waist of time, so after giving a total stranger the date I was born, time and location I found myself rather astounded when she gave me back a booklet that described me to a tee, and yes there are ways to find out stuff about people but there were things in this booklet that had not happened yet, and before you say, I could have made those things happen, in which you may be wright I would like to give you a couple of examples. It said that I would have problems with my knees and then a few years back I was involved in an accident, threw no fault of my own, simply wrong place wrong time that has left me with bad knees, it also stated that I would struggle with starting a family, to which I actually laughed at, only to later develop a condition that according to several doctors I should not have, that not only prevents me from having children naturally and to date threw I.V.F treatment but also almost took my life due to an apparently extremely rear basically unheard off side effect, which ended up resulting in my husband and I also losing everything and I mean everything, which was also documented in that life changing booklet. Because of that booklet I was able to understand and except things about myself that used to trouble me, I am able to acknowledge my negative traits and can pre warn I suppose, people that don’t know me and ask them to not be offended, and to tell me wen I do some of the things I do because I truly am unaware that I do them or come off the way I do because it is not intentional or done with malaise intent, finally I knew who I was and boy have I grown, and although I no longer need a ‘birth chart’ to tell me who am I do find myself conflicted as yesterday I was a double Capricorn with a Taurus rising and today I honestly have no idea even what my ‘normal’ star sign is as one site I have been too gives one set of dates which says I am now a Sagittarius then another site has another set of dates that says I am still a Capricorn. I am and have always been very much a Capricorn………… Sagittarius? Yes I treat others the way I like to be treated and yes I tell it how it is but apart from that, well……….


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