Burrito Buzz: The Beauty of Qdoba

Some may consider Chipotle Mexican Grill to be the best burrito factory in the local area, but I am here to tell you that that opinion is wrong.          

Qdoba Mexican Grill is a superior burrito restaurant to that of any other in the area, and has many contributing factors that set them head and shoulders above the likes of a burrito industry powerhouse such as Chipotle.

The first thing that Qdoba offers is free guacamole, as opposed to its main competitor Chipotle, which charges an extra $1.80 for guacamole.

Photo From: (http://savingslifestyle.com/cincinnati/daily-deals-qdoba-magazines-meal-delivery/)

Another delectable ingredient Qdoba offers that you will not find at Chipotle is mild or hot queso, which allows you to also use this queso as a dip for your chips.

A separate contributing factor that sets Qdoba apart of the rest of its competition is their drink selection. Unlike a regular soda fountain, Qdoba uses a touch screen navigator on their fountain that allows you to select from many more drink choices than their competitors.

A third positive of Qdoba is their offer of a kid’s burrito. Contrary to its title, this burrito is not only for kids as it only very slightly smaller than a normal burrito, but at a very reasonable cost. This high-quality burrito comes at just $6.50, and is a real bang for your buck.

Most novice burrito-eaters tend to find complacency at the taste of their first burrito, which tends to be from Chipotle. Due to the over-hyping of Chipotle and the ignorance of a less popular grill such as Qdoba, many people claim that Chipotle is the best, and are unwilling to risk a $10 trip to any other place that might not deliver your desired food. As a man who was once in this place, I strongly encourage any person who has not branched out to Qdoba to do so, because you might look back and find it to be the best burrito-related decision you have ever made, just as I do.


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