Vote For Anyone But Trump

By Meghan Hudson

The Presidential Election this year is a hot subject.  Nobody can go through their day without hearing the names “Trump” or “Hillary.”  This is a dangerous time for the country since we have two terrible candidates this election.  No one will be voting based on ideas, they will be voting more on morality.  It’s really about voting for whoever is less terrible than the other.  

Donald J. Trump cannot be president.  If that man is president, then this country will be destroyed, we will have WWIII, even more racial discrimination, and an incredibly corrupt government.  People say that Trump would make a good president because he isn’t a politician.  Since Trump isn’t a politician, he lacks the skills and experience needed to be an effective president.  

Some people say that since Hillary is a politician, she is used to manipulating people and lying.  While this may be true, I still believe Hillary would make a far superior president.  With Hillary, we would just have another bad president but with Trump we will have a nuclear war.  

During their debate, Trump displayed that he is in fact not an adult, but rather a whining child. Trump constantly interrupted Clinton and kept talking even when his two minutes were up.  Mr. Trump also did not address the actual issues and barely answered the questions he was asked. Hillary on the other hand, dealt with Mr. Trump’s outbursts with quiet dignity and grace.

Both the candidates are total liars, they just have different techniques of lying.  Hillary is a sneaky, smart liar while Trump is a blatant liar.  In my opinion, I would rather have a sneaky, respectable liar.  Trump, when called out, will deny everything and say “wrong” even though there is documented evidence.  Hillary would deny it first, then later take responsibility.  Someone who can own up to their mistakes is someone I can respect; someone who has a superiority complex is someone I definitely can not.

My president must be respectful, calm, and responsible.  Donald Trump has no respect for anyone.  He has the nerve to belittle women, Hispanics, and African Americans, then say how much he loves them and how much he works with them. I am not sure Donald Trump knows what love is.  He believes that Planned Parenthood helps a lot of people, but abortions must stop. How does that even make sense?  Sometimes this man has no clue what he is saying and that’s a very dangerous thing.  As president, he could easily start an unnecessary war by saying something stupid or inappropriate.  Hillary is smart enough to know how to choose her words carefully.  

This election day, please do the country a favor and take a closer look at who you plan on voting for.  Don’t go into voting blind, it could destroy us all.


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