Legacy of Arnold Palmer

by Robbie Congdon

Terrible news came out the afternoon of Sunday, September 25th that golf legend Arnold Palmer passed away at 87 years old. He died in a Pittsburgh hospital while awaiting cardiac surgery.

He was known as “The King” in the golf world for his dominance of the game. He was the first player to make $1 million in professional golf.  As a master of his craft, Palmer won seven major championships by way of winning the Masters four times, the Open Championship twice, and the U.S. Open once. In his professional career, he totaled 95 tournament wins. This is an incredible stat because the average tournament has about 70-80 competitors, so to come in first 95 times is quite an impressive feat.                                       

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Photo from britannica.com


Palmer had a great legacy off the golf course as well. He is well known by a lot of people for the beverage he created. Arnold decided to mix up iced tea with lemonade and name it after himself, Arnold Palmer, and it’s been a hit ever since. He was a great business icon and brought golf to television. He also created a charity foundation that will continue his legacy long after his passing.

The golf world will be a lot different without Arnold, especially in April when the Masters take place. Every year Arnold, Jack Nicklaus, and Gary Player would hit the ceremonial first tee shots at the tournament. Those three were the top players in the world at the same time and had great rivalries. Nicklaus said Monday morning, “When I heard the news last night I was crushed. I felt like part of my life went with it.”

Nicklaus can speak on the behalf of many people for how they felt about the death of a legend, an icon and most importantly one of the greatest golfers to ever live.

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Photo from fayewebster.com

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