Ban the E-cig

by Kaliegh Wells e-cig-pic

E-cigarettes have become a popular trend for the past two years. Kids as young as fifteen have been seen puffing on these devices. Electronic cigarettes are battery operated and are filled with the highly addictive chemical, liquid nicotine. It is often called vaping and some even look like real cigarettes. When you take a puff on the e-cig the battery heats up the nicotine and creates vapor. This vapor is inhaled and the end result is the sensation of actually smoking a cigarette and having smoke in the mouth and in the lungs. The e-cigarette is commonly used for older people who want to try and stop smoking tobacco products. They can also have a very strong influence on young teens and can be a gateway to real cigarettes and even drugs. The e-cigarette should be banned.

A research paper published in Tobacco Control in 2010 suggested the “e-cigarettes lacked important factors. Regulatory health warnings, proper labeling, clear directions on how to use the product and safe disposal methods were all absent in this device.” This article also states that researchers have found that some e-cigarette cartridges leak, this can cause a toxic exposure to nicotine. On their website, the FDA states, “the e-cigarettes may contain very harmful ingredients that are known to be toxic to humans. They also may contain additional ingredients that can be dangerous. Also the e-cigarette manufacturers are not required to submit clinical data to them. Because of this the public does not know if the e-cigarettes are safe for their intended use and what types and the concentrations of potential dangerous chemicals are found in this product.” Also the public can’t know how much nicotine they are inhaling while using this product. E-cigarettes concern the FDA because “they are concerned that the e-cigarettes can increase the addiction to nicotine and also in younger people it can encourage them to experiment with real tobacco products.”

 However in a study with 50 smokers who were trying to reduce the health risks with cigarettes, but did not want to quit smoking entirely, concluded that the e-cigarettes dramatically reduced the consumption without having all of the withdrawal symptoms. Their nicotine concentration in their blood remained stable and the desire to quit smoking real cigarettes was still strong. But in the e-cigarette brand, Eclipse, it raised the carbon monoxide levels in the blood and may not be the safest choice to try and stop using tobacco products.

The way you choose to quit smoking is a personal matter, everyone is different and everyone has a technique that helps them the best. But your goal is to succeed and to succeed safely. Instead of e-cigarettes you can try nicotine replacement therapy, medications such as Clonidine and Wellbutrin, support groups and there are also educational materials that may help. However if you think e-cigarettes would help you, talk to your doctor and do your research, look at the pros and cons, and look at the dangers that can be involved. In conclusion my opinion is that the e-cigarette is not the best option if you are looking for a way out of tobacco products, find another solution. Between cartridge leaks and missing regulatory health factors for the brand I think you should stay well clear from e-cigarettes.       


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