Meet the Captain – Girls Tennis

by Kaliegh Wells

North Attleboro’s girls tennis captain, Hana Hershey, has been playing tennis for North Attleboro High School since her freshman year. She has played doubles matches at both the junior varsity and varsity levels.

Hershey shared that she had originally tried out for tennis because of the fact that it was a sport that had always intrigued her. However, she had never had the opportunity to play for an organized league until she got to high school.

Hana’s favorite aspect about this tennis is the comradery among her teammates.  According to Hershey, unlike other cliquey sports teams at NAHS, everyone on the tennis team is friendly and supportive towards one another.

Tennis captain, Hana Hershey (left), with teammate Rachel Barbieri (right).

“Everyone on the team is so close and we all work hard to improve as a team and as individuals,” Hershey said.

Hana encourages any student with interest to try out for tennis, because the team is  welcoming and accepting of new players.  Even if you’ve never held a racket before, along with Coach Burgess and the support of the team, they will help to guide you to become a skilled tennis player.

Tryouts begin in mid-March and will take place after school on the tennis courts. Captain practices will start at the end of January.    

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