How I Met Your Mother Review

By Leo Charlebois

 How I Met Your Mother is a classic sitcom that features nine seasons of pure comedic gold. This show incorporates family friendly “Dad jokes,” often delivered by the main character, Ted Mosby, as well as juvenalian satire enjoyed by adults and teens alike. The entire premise of the show is that future Ted, in the year 2030, is explaining how he met his children’s mother. However, to understand the true comedic brilliance of the show, you must first understand the group dynamic of the five main characters.

First, there is Barney Stinson, a fun loving womanizer with many peculiar catch phrases.  Next, the main character, Ted Mosby, is Barney’s best friend. He is usually single, however he is constantly searching for his one true love. Ted is known to bore his friends with his long talks about architecture.

Then there is Robin Scherbatsky, a former Canadian pop star who knows how to handle guns. She frequently gets picked on by the gang for her reporter job at low budget news network where things seem to always go wrong.

Finally, there is the couple of the group: Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin. Marshall is a gentle giant. He is a lawyer and often the voice of reason within the gang. His wife Lily is best friends with Robin and teaches kindergarten. She entertains the gang with stories of her and Marshall and her crazy kindergarten class.

An example of how this gang of friends functions together would be a scene when Barney and Ted go to flirt with girls at their favorite bar, McLarens. Barney uses one of his many signature lines by saying, “Haaaaave you met Ted?” Ted then attempts to pick the girl up with his nerdy dad-like charm. Then Barney retreats back to the gang’s favorite booth where Robin tells them about her day, resulting in everyone finding her misfortunes comedic.

As a whole, this series is relatable and well written. It has been compared by some as a modern day version of the hit sitcom Friends. While the two might have similarly strong writing, the quality of acting in How I Met Your Mother is far superior. The show does a great job finding the comedic side in everyday life and is truly a must watch.

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