7 things Every High Schooler Wants to Hear

by Jay Loring

1.”Would you like extra tater tots?”
Every day, students wander through the lunch line looking for as much food as timg_0480hey can get their hands on. The lunch man at the chicken patty station is the first guy you go to when you need more food. If you come at the right time during third lunch and
ask for more tots, you know you won’t be hungry because he always fills your tray.
2. “School’s canceled”
During the winter, students across New England wake up everyday hoping for the blizzard of the century just hoping for a day off. If there is a chance of snow, students will be staring out the window, waiting for the first snowflake to drop, hoping for a phone call, or watching the TV praying to see their school name come across the bottom.


Walking through the halls at NAHS, “world star” is a rare thing to hear, but wheimg_0474n you do, you better start running towards it because you are missing something. “World Star” is typically yelled when there is a dispute of some sort and these days it’s hard to come by, so you can’t miss out on that opportunity.
4. “No homework tonight”
Being a full-time student, trying to do sports, keep a job and still make time to see friends is a tough thing to do for most high school kiimg_0470ds, but when a teacher hits you with the “no homework,” it just makes it that much easier. You go to school all day as a student trying to work hard and get everything done, so to be stuck with more things to do after school along with all those other things you need to do is tough which is why every high school kids loves to hear no homework.

5. “The test has been moved to tomorrow”
One of a high schooler’s favorite things to hear is, “The test is moved to tomorrow”–that could make someone’s entire day. No matter what the img_0475situation, every student use an extra day to study and get ready for that test that is coming up to make sure they get a good grade. This is a very rare thing to hear in high school, so when it happens, advantage needs to be taken of it and get a better grade on that test then you would have the day before.

6. “Do you want a coffee?”
Most high schoolers are exhausted, waking up at the crack of dawn and having to head out before the sun even comes up. Most students’ survival is largely due to their coffee. From personal experience, I couldn’t go my day without a coffee in the morning so when someone asks if you want one you have to pounce on that opportunity.
7. That seventh period bell on a Friday.
Qimg_0477uite possibly the greatest feeling a high schooler can feel is the freedom after hearing the bell ring to end 7th period on a Friday. All week we strive for that moment pushing through knowing Friday is around the corner and when it comes it is great.

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