The Future of Thrones (Edition 1): The Fate of Daenerys

by Zach McGowan and Jack Dakin

As Daenerys Targaryen makes her way across the Narrow Sea, there are many questions as to what she will encounter and what her fate will eventually become in season 7. Will she defeat Cersei at King’s Landing? Will she reach King’s Landing without conflict? We discuss.

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Game of Thrones producers decided to leave all fans on a cliffhanger for another year until season 7. There is much speculation on how they will handle Daenerys’ future as she finally is on her way to King’s Landing after six seasons of preparation across the Narrow Sea. Personally, I believe that Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons, will not have an easy path to King’s Landing.

Despite her massive and impressive fleet, there is another plot line that remains unresolved in the show that could affect Daenerys’ voyage. Euron Greyjoy, who was just named King of the Iron Islands, had his ships taken from him and taken to Daenerys, and has promised his people the Iron Throne if they build him 100 ships. Now, building 100 ships from scratch is no easy task, and it is possible that they will not be made in time for them to cross Daenerys and her army at sea. But, as the show has proved time and time again, it loves to make plot lines intervene and create interesting conflict for its fans. So therefore, a battle at sea between the two is a possibility, especially with Daenerys having traitors to Euron in her army. However, a union between the two could also make for an interesting trip to King’s Landing. Despite this possibility, I see a battle more than an alliance in this situation, and I believe Daenerys’ overwhelming army will prevail. After this occurs, I predict that Daenerys’ will take her army and make easy work of taking out Queen Cersei at King’s Landing.



Zach, this is the most obvious prediction and you are most likely correct.  But, the writers of Game of Thrones love throwing plot twists and once your favorite character starts to do well, he/she is either killed or something terrible happens to him/her.  I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the naval battle between Euron and Daenerys did not go as well for Daenerys as expected. In all likelihood, Daenerys will destroy Euron and then invade King’s Landing with ease, but what’s after that for her?  What will she do with Queen Cersei or will Cersei escape? Daenerys has said multiple times she is going to change the system and be a different type of leader, even though she had troubles being that type of leader while ruling the city of Meereen.  Meereen is just one city and if she had trouble ruling that, how will she be able to rule The Seven Kingdoms? If she does take over King’s Landing, which is what I believe will most likely happen because Queen Cersei blew up all of the leaders and the King’s Guard, she will need to unite with the remainder of the Kingdom in order to protect them against the Army of the Dead.


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