Freshman Class of 2020 Elections

by Thomas Kummer

Image from: content/uploads/2016/05/Ballot.jpg

Freshman year is entirely different from the world of North Attleboro Middle School, starting with electing one’s class officers. In middle school, each homeroom elected a representative for the student council, but many people believe that these jobs were not very relevant. In high school, however, things get more serious as class officers need to raise money for future events. Prom, trivia bowl, and even graduation activities are just some of the many events that class officers coordinate.

However, being a class officer for junior or senior year comes with more responsibility because they have to organize much larger events.  This means the first elections could be considered a “trial run,” seeing who is capable of  taking it seriously, as well as successfully laying the groundwork for the next year and future years to come.

Looking back at his freshman class elections, senior Jay Loring recalls the stand out candidates.  

“I thought it was funny because of Leo Charlebois’ speech,” he said. Jay says he didn’t take the freshman class elections seriously, and voted for who had the funniest speech, not who demonstrated hardworking qualities. This year, however, Loring turned a corner, voting for the hardest working candidates, those with motivation and experience to run our class.

Duane Bryant

It seems common for freshmen to be relatively uninformed regarding class elections, as well as the officers’ responsibilities. When asked who was running, freshman football player Duane Bryant said, “I have no idea.” He also claimed that he was unaware of what the officers’ jobs are.

Despite this, there are many candidates who are ready and willing to fulfill these roles. Once the candidates are revealed and the correct class representatives are selected, the freshman class will thrive.


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