Changes in Administration at NAHS

By Angela Bullock

Mr. Juelis in his yearbook photo by Chestnut Hill

During the summer of 2016, the North Attleboro Administrative Team announced several administrative changes that will take place during the 2016-2017 school year.  

The changes, which were first detailed in The Sun Chronicle on August 8th, revolve around Superintendent Cullen’s retirement in January. When she retires, Assistant Superintendent, and former NAHS Principal, Mr. Holcomb will take over as interim superintendent.

According to The Sun Chronicle, Superintendent Cullen will retire at the age of 58 due to “stress and the district’s ongoing financial struggles.” Mrs. Cullen has been North Attleboro’s superintendent for five years, and her permanent replacement has yet to be chosen.

North Attleboro High School principal Mr. Juelis will be stepping in as the new middle school principal, where he will be replacing Dr. Ekk.

The Sun Chronicle also reported that the current middle school principal, Dr. Ekk, will be leaving to work at the Early Learning Center to “focus on curriculum planning and the English Language Learner program.”

North Attleboro High School Assistant Principal Mrs. Todd will step in as interim principal until a permanent replacement is found. Cullen told The Sun Chronicle that “she wants the next superintendent to chose the new principal.”

In a final change at the high school level, Assistant Principal Scozzaro also left North Attleboro for a position at Duxbury High School. As reported by The Sun Chronicle, Scozzaro said in a letter to school officials that “the community’s lack of investment in education” played a part in his leaving.

Mrs. Metcalf, a former teacher at King Philip High School, has been hired to fill the position of assistant principal at North Attleboro High School.

In a recent interview, Mr. Juelis explained that he is disappointed that he will not be able to see the senior students, whom he has been with since fifth grade, make it to the end of their high school careers. He also says that his children will miss attending the high school’s sportings events.

When asked about the transformation he has seen from in the students from their middle school to high school career, Mr. Juelis said, “I have watched these students come into the middle school from all different elementary schools to work together and make new friends. At the high school, I have seen these same students hit their stride during their sophomore and junior years. They have matured and learned to start doing the right thing instead of the easy thing throughout their high school experience.”

As for advice Juelis would leave for the students he said, “Set yourself up to be able to make choices for yourself, instead of others making the choices for you. Take the time to appreciate the people who have helped you throughout the years, and start taking more responsibility. Lastly, find a way to recharge and relax for at least two hours a day.”

In regards to the seniors going off to college, Juelis says to find the college that is the best fit for you, do your research first and find a college that will set you up for the rest of your life. He also said it is important to challenge yourself and look at things from different perspectives, but do not make choices on a whim.

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