Where are They Now: Sarah Leavitt

by Emma Cromidas

Submitted by Sarah Leavitt

Sarah Leavitt is a 2015 North Attleboro High School graduate and is currently in her sophomore year at Endicott College in Beverly, MA. Her hometown has always been North Attleboro and she says she will always have a love for the town and the residents that live here.

Sarah is remembered by current students as an outgoing and friendly person. Senior Jamie Cromidas met Sarah during the spring lacrosse season and said Sarah was “always willing to provide a ride home or a hug when needed.”

Although Sarah said that she is satisfied with her transition from high school to college, she says that she misses “that sports team atmosphere.” Sarah was a well-known athlete in the school and was involved with soccer, indoor track and lacrosse.

“The best friends that I had in high school are the people that I’ve known since middle school, but I’ve gotten close to many people from all different grades through sports and I’m really grateful for that,” said Sarah.

Aside from sports, Sarah was involved in many classes throughout her senior year. “My favorite class was AP Psychology because it challenged me and I was really interested in the subject. Mr. Johnson is a great teacher and really treats it like a college class, which prepared me immensely for my classes this year. I encourage everyone to try to take that class,” said Sarah.

Sarah majors in Marketing Communications and hopes to find a job after college in the advertising department working for a big company.

“The workload is a lot more than high school, but I manage my time fairly well. I am out of class by 12:15 every Tuesday and Thursday and I don’t have class on Friday, so it’s easy to find time to get my homework done and still have time to myself,” Sarah explained.

Leavitt has not left her old friends behind, but has made many new friends in college and continues to meet new people everyday.

“The easiest way to meet new people is through my CAB club, which is the Campus Activities Board. I get to coordinate activities with others and meet a lot of people,” Sarah explained.

Classes at Endicott College feel much like classes at NAHS, according to Sarah Leavitt. “The class sizes at my school have a maximum of 25 students which is basically the same class size at NAHS. The professors know everyone’s names which I think is important because we are not just another number on the attendance sheet,” said Sarah.

As Sarah enters her sophomore year of college, she looks back on her days at North Attleboro High School and hopes to be remembered “in a positive way and someone that is always there to help others.”

“If I could give any advice to the current students at North Attleboro High School, it would be to cherish your friends and the memories because before you know it, you’ll all be heading off to different schools. Also, appreciate your mom’s homemade dinners because dining hall food will never compare.”

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