Should NAHS Embrace Student Technology?

by Jay Loring

As technology continues to develop and become more and more accessible, many schools are beginning to switch all of their books and paper to electronic devices such as laptops and iPads. North Attleboro High School has not been one of those schools. Still sticking to old textbooks and pen and paper, our school is quickly becoming outdated compared to those in the surrounding areas.

To that end, the real question lies in whether the students of North Attleboro High School should not only be able, but also encouraged to bring their laptops and iPads to school, or continue to carry around 5-pound textbooks that were published as early as 1980.

Students these days are very technologically advanced. They have grown up with technology and included it in almost every aspect of  their lives. Including technology in a school environment could make students more excited and enthusiastic about not only learning, but also coming to school.

“I say that if a student would like to bring his laptop, he or she should be able to,” said senior Nick Moore.

Converting all of the paper products used in our high school to electronically-based textbooks and workbooks could save a massive amount of paper and room taken up by all of these heavy textbooks and folders.

On the reverse side of this argument, electronics could cause major problems within the schools. Including technology brings the issue of distractions such as games, text messages and other forms of misuse.  A large issue in today’s classrooms includes  keeping phones away, and allowing technology makes it much easier for students be distracted.

Additionally, schools would also have to consider having resources available to those students who do not have their own devices, as well as annual or recurring fees associated with electronic textbooks.

Still, despite these drawbacks, students should be given the option to switch over to electronics. Most students have the technology in our everyday lives, so we might as well use it. Everything we do with pen and paper could be easily be completed on electronic devices, which would help reduce the time we spend struggling with heavy backpacks, as well as avoiding clutter and paper waste.

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