Best Local Restaurants

by Matt Reimels

Everyone loves going out for a meal. If you live in the North Attleboro area, you are lucky enough to be surrounded by quality, diverse and lavish eateries. Whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner, there are many great restaurants with quality food in the North Attleboro area.

#1: Morin’s Hometown Bar and Grille

Morin’s Hometown Bar and Grille is one of the most well-known restaurants in the Attleboro area. This classic diner-like restaurant offers daily specials, weekly buffets, and off-site catering. Along with the diner, Morin’s features a cocktail lounge and a private function room.  It is one of the oldest gems of downtown Attleboro, having first opened its doors in 1911. 

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Morin’s is well known for their diverse breakfast menu, but they also offer many lunch and dinner options that any American food lover would have trouble choosing from.  

Additionally, Morin’s Diner has made a name for itself outside the of Attleboro area as it has appeared on Guy Fieri’s TV show, Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.

Check out Morins Menu to explore their offerings for yourself!

#2: Cafe Assisi

Wrentham’s Cafe Assisi is one of the most well-received Italian restaurants in Southeastern Massachusetts. This cozy establishment offers lunch and dinner, serving flavorful food that would make any Italian grandmother proud. The restaurant is small but comfortable and features a bar and dining area. The service is tremendous as the servers are always cheerful when taking your order. Chris Mullaney, an employee at Cafe Assisi, stated, “I love my job. My co-workers are the best staff at any restaurant ever.”

Check out Cafe Assisi’s Menu here!

#3: Red Stone Grill

The Red Stone Grill located on Route 1 in North Attleboro is a traditional American grill that is perfect for the whole family. This modern restaurant and bar features a large dining area and an outdoor patio providing a comfortable atmosphere. They also offer live music and entertainment, adding to the experience of dining.

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NAHS Junior Jaclyn Buckley said, “I have been going here my whole life and it has never disappointed.” If you ever want to go out for a classic American meal with your family, Red Stone Grill offers the perfect evening.

Here’s the Red Stone Grill Menu for you to check out.

#4: Havana Cafe

The Havana Cafe is the best  local restaurant for authentic Cuban cuisine. Located in North Attleboro, this small  restaurant serves exotic dishes that you won’t find anywhere else in the area. Each  flavorful dish is made from scratch with fresh ingredients. Although this cafe may be small, it offers some of the best Cuban dishes around which is well worth the trip.

See what looks good on the Havana Cafe Menu!

#5: Quan’s Kitchen

Quan’s Kitchen is one of the many Chinese restaurants located in North Attleboro; however, this elegant eatery stands out among the rest due to its fine food and cultural atmosphere. This restaurant features a traditional Japanese sushi bar that puts all others to shame. The art-lined walls of Quan’s Kitchen create a calm atmosphere for the customer.

Courtney Tong, an employee at the competing House of Fortune, claimed that “Quan’s Kitchen possessed better quality food, service and atmosphere than House of Fortune.”

In essence,  if you are ever craving some authentic sushi or chinese food, Quan’s Kitchen is the restaurant for you.

Check out Quan’s Kitchen Menu here!


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