Point-Counterpoint: Is Homework Useful?

The Usefulness of Homework

by  Joey Cook

Homework is assigned by teachers to students almost daily, in schools all around the world. Controversy has arisen because many people believe homework is pointless, while others believe that it is a great thing to help them review. Homework can be assigned before you learn something, so that way the teacher can get a sense of what you already know, or it can be assigned throughout the lesson and chapter so you can review the learned material. Homework is a great tool for students to use to review and study.

Many teachers assign homework before starting a chapter or lesson, to see what the students already know. They also will assign it so a student can see what to expect and also get a feel of maybe going into the book and reading the chapter to finish the assignment. Senior Tyler Morgan said, “I like getting homework before a chapter starts, that way I can know what to expect throughout this chapter.”

Throughout the chapter, teachers will assign homework so the students can review what they did in class, and not forget the material when the quiz or test comes around. Homework helps because after a long day at school, students may forget what they learned in class, so they can look at their homework to remember and refresh on what they need to know. “Sometimes when I get home, I don’t remember every single fact I learned, so I can go to my homework to remember it,” said junior Andrew Harris.

A lot of students dislike homework and think it is pointless, but many others think it is helpful because they can get a sense at what they will be learning, and also be able to review what they have been learning throughout the lesson, chapter, and even the whole school year.

Homework Isn’t Worth It

by Dan Griswold

Homework is something that is dreaded by students of all grades. The last thing students want to do after a long day of school work is more work. Homework is supposed to be a tool to help students practice what they did in class that day so they will be more likely to remember it. While this sounds like a sensible idea, in reality it doesn’t work that way.

One of the main reasons homework doesn’t work is because of the students hatred for it. Instead of taking their time and doing the homework correctly, kids will rush through it and put random answers just so they can get it done. After a long school day, students can’t possibly be expected to put a good effort into homework.

“When I get home from school I am tired and worn out. The last thing I want to do is more work,” explained senior Andrew LaPlante. “Homework never helps me understand the lessons better. I speed through it and don’t even pay attention to what I am writing.”

Another reason that homework doesn’t help is because of teachers’ homework policies. Teachers ask students to do homework so they will understand the lesson, but the next day teachers rarely even check the homework and then they move on. What’s the point of giving the homework if it won’t be reviewed the next day? Student Liz Cooper added, “Some teachers are good about checking and reviewing homework, but some of them don’t even go over it the next day. If they aren’t going to review the homework, then it is pointless.”

Homework is meant to be something to help the students learn, it shouldn’t be something that they dread everyday. The way homework is used today is just for busy work. If students don’t want to do the homework and teachers don’t want to review it, then homework should stop being assigned in school.

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