Holiday Gift Ideas

by David Brown

As the holiday season approaches, many people ask the same question: what gifts should I buy my friends and family? People struggle with ideas to buy presents, whether it’s for parents, siblings, or children. Holiday shopping can be an easy task if you have the right ideas on what to shop for. Here’s a few helpful gift ideas for the special people in your life:

1.) Parents

Parents can be the toughest people to shop for. Lots of times they will tell you they’re all set or they don’t want anything. This always makes it tougher to shop for because you get no hints or ideas from them and you have to think of all the ideas yourself. With parents, price doesn’t really matter on the present. The more thought you put into a present, the better the chance that they’ll like it. Gift cards to their favorite restaurant, food place, salon, or hardware store is a thoughtful gift idea for them. Since they go there often, they will appreciate not having to pay for once. Another gift idea is a coffee maker. Lots of people drink coffee on a daily basis, so coffee makers get used and old and tend to not work as well as time goes on. Buying a new coffee maker will make every morning brighter and smoother for a parent with some fresh coffee to start their day.

2.) Siblings

If you’re like me, you wonder why you’re even buying gifts for your siblings when you’re out shopping because they just annoy you all year. This is a nice time of the year to make amends for the bickering between you do. Whether they’re older or younger, siblings tend to be more materialistic in gifts. They don’t necessarily care as much about the thought as parents but more in what they want. It never hurts to ask what they want because they won’t be shy in telling you.

If they tell you what they want, find out how much it is and where to buy it so you can find it easily and figure out how much money you need for it. If they don’t tell you what they want you can’t go wrong with gift cards! An Itunes gift card, Dunkin Donuts, Chipotle, or Panera are general places most people go to.

If you don’t feel like the gift card there’s other options to consider. Think of the things you have that they will sometimes “borrow” from you. You can get them something you have that they don’t so they won’t take yours anymore. In this situation you both win! Lastly, you could get them a sweatshirt. Sweatshirts are wildly popular, especially this time of year in Massachusetts as we prepare for several months of snow. You can never have enough sweatshirts, with all the different colors, brands, and designs to have on it. Be sure to find out their right size so you can be sure to get it right!

3.) Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

Getting your partner a gift requires thought and money. It seems stressful that you have to get them the perfect gift. Knowing what your partner likes and doesn’t like is crucial when buying them a gift. If you’re hesitant about buying them something, ask one of their family members! It doesn’t hurt and can give you a better idea of what to get. The good news for getting a partner a gift is there are plenty of options. You can get them clothes they need, shoes, blankets, movie theater gift cards, things for their car, a collage of pictures of you, and even jewelry.

Getting people gifts for the holidays should be a fun time and shouldn’t put on any extra stress you don’t need. No one is going to completely hate a gift you got them especially with your thoughts into the gift. The important thing about the holiday season is to spend it with the ones you love and to appreciate all that they’ve done for you all year; it is a great time to cherish everything you have and to reflect on the year you’ve had.

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