Homecoming Week

by David Brown

From October 13-18, everyone at NAHS was full of spirit and enthusiasm as NAHS celebrated Homecoming Week.

Students had different themed dress up days each the day of the week from wearing pink, neon, American day, and class colors on Friday.  

During rally week, our school had several events take place for classes to earn points to get money for their class. The first event was a Dodgeball Tournament run by Ms. Hanley and senior class officers Merry Johnson, Nick Pedro, and Jimmy Schromm. The winners of the tournament were The Gazebros, a senior team of Randy Wentworth, Jordan Tillinghast, Connor Haselton, Jake Fontes, and David Brown. In second was a junior team, the Dodge Fathers, with the senior team, The True Religion Buddha Men coming in third.

Senior Jake Fontes of The Gazebros said, “It was a great feeling knowing we went undefeated in a two game elimination, all the guys put together good chemistry and it felt great to win for our class.”

The school held a Trivia Bowl on Wednesday night. First Place was For Scotland!!!, a senior team lead by Joe Flaherty, Alex Dion, Josh Morrison, and Eric Ruest.

“I just have to say we’re the greatest team in this school and my teammates were great,” said Joe Flaherty. This isn’t their first time winning either; they are back-to-back champions after winning Trivia Bowl last year.

Classes also participated in Penny Wars throughout the week, with the sophomores coming in first place. Senior Class President Chris Lavallee said,“The Penny Wars was a great way to raise money for all classes and we’re glad we did it this year. We raised a lot of money for our class that’ll really help us.”

The school week ended with the annual Homecoming Rally, which featured several competitive events. The rally began with a performance by the Color Guard which featured the NAHS Marching Band. Next came the Hula Hooping Contest, which Senior Ally Tong won. Mrs. Rushlow, representing the Sophomore Class, beat Senior Class representative Mr. Herber to win musical chairs, and the juniors came out on top showing their strength in tug of war. The cheerleaders put on a great routine to burst the spirit of the school, and the senior football players showed they were full of spirit in a choreographed routine before moving into their big win over Taunton.

On Saturday, the school came together for another successful Homecoming Dance Saturday night. Students gathered in the gymnasium and danced the night away, enjoying the night despite a small interruption.

At about 8:30 pm, the fire alarm went off. Senior Kylie Cummings said, “The dance was a blast. I had so much fun dancing with all my friends and then all of a sudden the alarm went off. It really stunk since it was cold being on the pavement and concrete and all the girls didn’t have shoes on. It wasn’t fun stepping on rocks either.”

In the past, homecoming wasn’t as successful as it is now. Five years ago our school didn’t even have a homecoming dance because we couldn’t sell enough tickets. This year however our school managed to sell nearly 600 tickets. “I had a great time at homecoming. School has been so stressful so far and it felt good to relax and dance with my friends,” said sophomore Colie Flynn.

Homecoming week wrapped up on Sunday morning with the annual Powder Puff football game, with the Senior Sharks beating the Junior Jets 26-20.

“Powderpuff was a lot of fun because it’s not everyday girls can play a football game. It was special to me because it was my last game as a senior. I’m glad we got to go out in style by winning,” said senior Isabelle Renzi.  


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