Ask Fabio

Dear Fabio,

I come home everyday to have my parents screaming and yelling at me. Everything I do in their eyes is never good enough and I just want them proud of me. I want them to know I’m happy but I don’t know what to say. What should I do?

Dear Student,

Parents can be intimidating to approach when it comes to problems. The easiest way to figure out why they’re yelling is to sit down and talk to them. Ask them what’s making them feel this way. Parents will usually always be honest with you and let you know what’s on their mind as well. Parents can be just as stressed as students!  You can also tell them your honest feelings on how you don’t feel good enough and ask if they can limit their scolding and focus on the good things you’ve done. Always be honest with your parents. Sooner or later they will catch on if you aren’t being honest with them and you could lose their trust. Tell them how you are doing everything you can to make them happy while you are happy and they should be understanding.

Dear Fabio,

My grades in school are horrible. I have always been an honors student in middle school, and my first quarter in high school I’m getting D’s and C’s. What can I do to do better in school?

Dear Student,

High School is a big change from Middle School. The courses are more challenging and require more effort and time. Studying is one of the most important things you can do in high school, and can make or break your grades. Paying attention in class is important too. If you study to the best of your ability and still feel you’re struggling, talk first to your teacher, but then schedule an appointment with your guidance counselor. If you continue to have trouble in the class, you might want to see if you can switch to a lower class. If this isn’t an option, you can also ask about getting a tutor. Lastly, it’s a good idea to put your phone down when doing your homework. Focus on what you need to get down and give all your attention to your schoolwork, then talk to your friends after. If you put in the effort all around, you will find assistance on the way to help you do well in school.

Dear Fabio,

I’m a sophomore at this school and I haven’t fit in since the day I walked in here. I have struggled making friends and it’s really made me depressed. No one in my family knows about how I feel and I’m scared to tell them. What can I do?

Dear Student,

High school can be intimidating when you don’t know what to do or where to go. If you feel you want to make a new friend or two, try starting conversations in your classes. If you work in groups, try being a little more friendly to them and see what they’re into. Find common ground between you and your classmates and you will sure to make friends off your similarities. Another good way to find It’s also important to let your parents know how you feel. They aren’t mind readers whether we think so or not, so it’s important to let them know if you feel upset. Talking things out always makes people feel better and is worth a try. You should always know you can reach your potential and you are worth making yourself happy. Find what makes you happy and bring the positive energy into your life and exclude what makes you upset to minimize the negative energy around you.

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