Student Profile: Alyssa Cohen

Alyssa Cohen (Photo by Nick Dirschel)
by William Libertine

In this week’s Student Profile, NAHS recognizes 16-year-old junior Alyssa Cohen for her excellence in academics and hard-working persona.

Cohen is no stranger to the goings-on of NAHS, and shows that she can exceed the standards and keep her priorities on track without sacrificing social activities and recreation.

Cohen takes many honors classes, including Junior Honors English, U.S. History II, and Spanish IV. Her other classes include Algebra II Level I, Anatomy Level I and Consumer Education. Among these, Cohen’s grades stand out in the A range. Cohen explained that her favorite subject is English because rather than there being one defined answer, the correct answer is typically open to interpretation. Cohen also enjoys writing, claiming that she likes to push herself to improve upon her skill and reflect upon her own growth as a writer.

Along with attending school, Cohen currently holds a job at the local YMCA, where she helps kids in their after-school programs. While some might shy away from working with children, Cohen has sought out jobs that allow her to prepare for her future teaching career. This past summer, Cohen even worked at the Abbott Run Valley Pool Club as the children’s activity director.

As for recreation, Cohen manages to find time to relax and play the guitar, which is one of her favorite hobbies. “I’ve been playing [guitar] for about two years, and it is still my favorite way to kill time or just de-stress,” she explained.

With the rest of her free time, Cohen enjoys spending time with friends and exercising. Alyssa goes to a gym and runs indoor and outdoor track, always keeping active and remaining diligent in her studies. While this might seem like a lot for one 16-year-old to balance, Cohen insists that “keeping active actually allows me to stay more energized and enhances my focus on academics.”

When asked what her plans are after high school Cohen replied, “I would like to attend a college, because my career goals include a college education. Providence College is my first choice.” In regard to the type of classes available, Cohen would prefer to take more arts and elective classes because they would allow her to “explore areas and aspects of school outside of basic academic classes,” and that they would “add more excitement” to her school day.

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