Purple Socks for New Hope

Senior Josh Morrison dons purple socks to raise awareness for domestic violence. (Photo by Patty Hitchcock)

by Dan Griswold

At the Rocketeers football game against Franklin on Saturday, October 3, the team was wearing purple socks. While everyone knows that wearing pink is to show support for breast cancer awareness, not many people know about what the color purple represents.

The football team wore purple to show support for New Hope, an organization that raises awareness for domestic abuse and sexual violence. Many people know about domestic abuse, but they are unaware of how significant it is.

According to New Hope, one in four women will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime, and domestic abuse is the leading cause of injury to women. New Hope’s mission “is to end domestic and sexual violence” by working with victims and perpetrators in order to break the cycle of violence. New Hope claims that this approach, along with the fact that they work with “all victims of domestic and sexual violence,” is what makes it unique.

Mr. Herber, a history teacher and football coach at NAHS, explained that the team decided to wear purple socks after one of his friends, who is in management for the New Hope organization, approached him and explained that they were raising awareness for dating violence.

“It’s great to raise awareness for something as serious as domestic abuse,” said Senior Leo Thibeault. “It’s an issue that affects so many lives. Some of the facts about domestic abuse are disturbing. Something needs to change.”

Raising awareness for an issue is a way to start the process of fixing the problem. The more people that bring attention to the issue of domestic abuse, the faster it can come to an end.

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