New Teacher Interview: Mr. Beck

by Patrick Silvia

Mr. Beck is a 32-year-old Rhode Island native who is currently teaching his first year in the North Attleboro Math Department. This is not Mr. Beck’s first year teaching though: “This is my ninth year teaching,”

Mr. Beck (Submitted picture)
Mr. Beck (Submitted picture)

Mr. Beck said. “I taught in Hopkinton before I came here.”

Mr. Beck attended the University of Rhode Island for his undergraduate degree in communications. While Mr. Beck took a handful of math courses at URI, he didn’t pursue his math education career until he went to the University of Cambridge, where he received his master’s degree.

An interesting fact about Mr. Beck is he won two Monopoly tournaments and various rock, paper, scissors tournaments while in college.

When asked why he decided to be a math teacher, Mr. Beck said, “I enjoy helping people learn and want other people to like math too. I love math.”

Mr. Beck explained that his goal as a math teacher “is to get every kid to like math.” He also stated that correcting was his least favorite part about teaching because of the time it takes.

Although he enjoys teaching, math certainly isn’t the only important thing in Mr. Beck’s life. Outside of the classroom, Mr. Beck has a 14-month-old daughter, Riley, who he likes to hang out with. He also enjoys spending time with his cat, Cameron, and likes to do proofs in his free time.

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