First Quarter Progress Reports

By Colin McKenzie

Students at NAHS received their first quarter progress reports last Friday, October 9th. This is the first of four progress reports issued this year.

Progress reports are an documents issued to students so parents and students can see where they are halfway through the first quarter.

Progress reports don’t give the students their exact grade, but they tell the student what their current grade range for that class is. Below the subject teachers have the option to leave comments about the students if they choose to.

Students and teachers all have mixed views on progress reports, some support it while others feel as if they are pointless.

Max Mitchell said, “I don’t think progress reports are necessary anymore, because we have Aspen and Edline where the student and parent can check grades regularly. Some teachers even post them in class.”

Senior Emma DesRoches agreed, saying that progress reports reports don’t always accurately reflect a student’s progress. She explained that it’s “too early in the school year,” and that as of right now, some classes have “only one or two major tests” so that a lot can change before the end of the quarter.

Some people do see the value of progress reports. One of those people is math teacher Mrs. Lauzier who said, “Progress reports are a good indication about where you are at,” but she argues that  “they should include your actual grade, not just the grade range.”

If nothing else, progress reports are a reminder that we are halfway through the quarter. According to the school calendar, report cards will be issued on Monday, November 16th.

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